Counselling Online Free* (7836978008)

The professionals are SPECIALISED in Counselling having more than 5 yrs experience in which he/she worked in different setting.**

These are area where a individual, School and any psychiatric and De-addiction center can contact. They can contact Psychological assessment, Psychiatric assessment as well Psycho-social assessment.

  1. Psychological problems,

  2. Psychiatric problems,

  3. De-addiction,

  4. School and academic,

  5. Career Counselling

  6. Adolescent related problem,

  7. Sex and relationship problems,

  8. Diet and obesity and

  9. Any other problems that used to be perceived threatening by individuals.

*These services free over phone only. Different location located for referrals in India only.

** location and Name of Counsellors cannot be revealed.


Online Counselling Services

The online counselling services is the same that was very popular in FB. Now we are coming with our models in professionals counselling services in which our old tagline (free services) will be remain as it is, and we also extend our services to organisations or in Clinics.